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updates is a CLI tool which checks for npm and poetry dependency updates of the current project and optionally updates package.json/pyproject.toml. It is highly configurable and is typically able to complete in less than a second.


With Node.js:

# check for updates
npx updates

# update package.json and install new dependencies
npx updates -u && npm i

With Bun:

# check for updates
bunx updates

# update package.json and install new dependencies
bunx updates -u && bun i


See --help. Options that take multiple arguments can take them either via comma-separated value or by specifying the option multiple times.

If an option has a optional pkg argument but none is given, the option will be applied to all packages instead.

All pkg options support glob matching via picomatch or regex (on CLI, wrap the regex in slashes, e.g. '/^foo/').


The module uses global fetch under the hood. In Node.js HTTP proxies from environment are not supported, but it's still possible to enable updates to use them by installing the undici dependency into your project.

Config File

The config file is used to configure certain options of the module. CLI arguments have precedence over options in the config file, except for include and exclude options which are merged.

export default {
  exclude: [

Config File Locations

The config file can be placed in these locations, relative to package.json:

  • updates.config.{js,ts,mjs,mts}
  • .config/updates.{js,ts,mjs,mts}

For typescript, your runtime needs to support it either natively or via a node loader.

Config File Options

  • include Array[String|Regexp]: Array of dependencies to include
  • exclude Array[String|Regexp]: Array of dependencies to exclude
  • types Array[String]: Array of dependency types
  • registry String: URL to npm registry

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